Five more from regulars to this blog

10 Jan

Again they have or will have been noted on my Google Reader*.

Jim Belshaw

The Importance of Reviving New England is a post I agree with up to a point, but empathise with 100%. It is very well argued and extremely well composed. A lot of heart as well as mind has gone into it.


How cricket saved itself and 2008 – IV. The last one is amazing. One can forgive the odd typo; it obviously came out in a rush, but is so substantial in its coverage of major events as well as personal matters.


Bruce seems to be on a roll lately. Israel… says much that I find very reasonable, and given that (understandably) hysterics and/or polemics prevail on this topic, that is something indeed! Chris Illingworth is not a monster is a post Marcellous will find interesting; we all should…

* 24 new posts have been added to it this morning, and it could easily have been more! My little blogging stable has been very busy overnight.

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One response to “Five more from regulars to this blog

  1. Thomas

    January 11, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Thanks for the noting and kind words Neil. As I looked back over my blog for all the years for a previous post, I realised typos are a hallmark of my blog haha!

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