14 Jan

We all have them. I’ve been having a bit of fun, and some twinges of nostalgia, in compiling a few of mine.


The Christmas card was given to me by my sister in 1951. Today is the anniversary of her death in 1952.

Looking around these you can find me here and there at different ages. You can find my great-grandmother. You see my father several times, and a photo he took in Papua during World War II. There’s a telegram from the year I was born, sent in fact to the hospital where I was born.

Observant people may spot M. And my 1959 Leaving Certificate, the results decently obscured.

Really observant people may even see Mr Rabbit in an early manifestation.

It is likely these, or some of them, plus some more, may turn into pages on Ninglun’s Specials. I did say I could add pages there.


So, now I have found a use for it I have “unmothballed” Ninglun’s Specials, renaming it Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole.

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