Freak shows – or how Irfan Yusuf spoiled this post with some bloody facts!

23 Jan

I wrote: That dolt who several years ago advocated giving the wife a good kicking** and that "Christian" terrorist who drove into the abortion clinic in St Paul, Minnesota, have much in common with one another and little in common with most of their respective coreligionists. The other thing they have in common is far too much publicity.

Freak shows were always popular, I suppose.

On Alleged Dolt #1 see Irfan Yusuf: CRIKEY: Jonathan Greene’s piece on the Abu Hamza pseudo-scandal … : the whole thing was a Silly Season Confected Outrage Piece – and even worse he is not such a Dolt after all it seems – aimed at selling papers and feeding the Current Affairs swill and talk-back radio. Unfortunately it also causes harm, especially when Kevin Rudd doesn’t know when to shut up sometimes… It would have been much better if Rudd had just said “I think we all know what we think of that, and I’ll tell you something: most Muslims would agree with us on that one…”

If afterwards Rudd, as I have just done, read Irfan’s post he would realise that the source of the story, the Herald-Sun, has doctored what Abu Hamza actually said:

Anyone who watched the video will see that News Limited and/or the lecture organisers have done a rather clumsy edit. It is quite clear from the video that, far from promoting domestic violence, Abu Hamza was emphasising just how evil it is.

Today, the tabloids are going nuts over Abu Hamza’s comments about Australia being allegedly a nation of drunks and gamblers. Again, a complete fabrication. If it is true that Abu Hamza really did make this gross generalisation about Australians, is it any worse than Rupert Murdoch’s gross generalisation to the effect that all Muslims suffer from genetic defects because they marry their cousins?

Of course, none of this detracts from the fact that any suggestion that marital rape is OK should be condemned in the strongest possible language.

Reading on you will see we have been ill-served, not for the first time, by our irresponsible tabloid media.

Rather spoils this post though. A guy with a beard said something not all that outrageous after all, so the second character (assuming we can believe the media there) turns out to be the more evil bastard…

Too much publicity is still true, and it is terrible how these stories become memes. You can be sure just about everyone has swallowed the Herald-Sun beat-up. If you are looking for a villain in all this, just visit the Herald-Sun.

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