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What’s new: Sunday 25 January to Saturday 31 January

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In East Redfern

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Irfan Yusuf and the ranting nut-jobs

Very relevant as a case in point to a stream of thought coming from Jim Belshaw lately – see Culture, Groups and Public Policy – 1 and Culture, Groups and Public Policy – 2 – is Irfan Yusuf’s latest post HUMOUR: A joyous rant from Daniel Pipes’ website.  Jim said, among other things:

The starting point in these (anthropological and sociological) studies lies in the separation of the observer and the observed. The group under study – town, village, tribe, club – is recognised as distinct. The aim is to understand its structure and behaviour.

I make this point because a lot of the political and social commentary that I read starts from one set of group assumptions and realities (the commentator’s) that are then applied to and used to interpret or critique the behaviour of another group or groups with its (their) own sets of assumptions and realities.

He applies that to one particular issue here:

At the end of my first post in this muse, I suggested that President Bush’s policies in the "War on Terror" helped create the very thing that it was intended to destroy. I also suggested that the knowledge was available to pin-point some of the potential errors in advance. It simply wasn’t applied.

Part of the reason for this lies in the nature of groups and group dynamics. The internal world of the group is just too powerful. It dominates to the exclusion of other views.

Particular problems arise when, as in the Bush case, a gap appears between the internal reality of the group and the external world.

That I strongly agree with. In Irfan’s post the group-think is that of the anti-Islamist brigade, one minor exemplar of which is this “interpretation” of Irfan Yusuf, which bears no resemblance at all to the actual Irfan any of us can read for ourselves but rather shows the refracting lens through which the commentator passes all information:

Self promoting Stealth Jihadists under the guise of so called Multiculturalism and pseudo/-mock journalism….This post is one of a planned number, which is going to focus on the stealth Jihadists amongst us. I intend to expose such smooth slick snakeoil merchants.

Radical Islamist Lawyer Irfan Yusuf….

Say what???  “Radical atheist Pope Benedict XVI” is only slightly more far-fetched!

But Irfan retains a sense of humour, beginning his post with this:

Obama secrets

Memo for 2009 and beyond: ignore a hatemonger today! 

I do hope that with the defeat of the mindset of Bush, Cheney and company some of this sickness of the spirit will recede too.


What scored in the past week

So Saturday stats again! These are the posts most visited individually, according to WordPress, in the past seven days. (Updated Saturday 10am.)

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  10. Australian poem 2008 series #17: "Australia" by A D Hope 17
  11. My blog picks on the Obama Inauguration 16
  12. Quote(s) of the week 3 2009 – and more 14
  13. Here’s another “100 best novels of all time" post 13
  14. This post has no title 12
  15. Maxthon Browser – Full-Featured Browser 12

Floating Life Apr 06 ~ Nov 07 – 1,867 views so far this month

  1. John Howard: bullying expert extraordinaire 38
  2. Ian McKellen and Judi Dench in Macbeth and segue to Mardi Gras 31
  3. Assimilation, Integration, Multiculturalism 1 25
  4. Book and DVD backlog 21
  5. Friday Australian poem #3: A D Hope, 18
  6. Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe, 18
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  8. Late Anzac Day thoughts 16
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  10. Colin Thiele dies 12

Neil’s Modest Photo Blog – 1,116 views so far this month

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  10. Surry Hills light and texture yet again 1  3

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The most visited pic this week.

Ninglun’s Specials and Memory Hole – 1,215 views so far this month

  1. Family stories 3 — About the Whitfields 31
  2. 10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill Henson controversy 25
  3. Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008 22
  4. Gustave Dore’s "Ancient Mariner" illustrations 19
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  10. About the Whitfields: Wandering Willie’s tales 8

English/ESL – 5,682 views so far this month

  1. How should I write up a Science experiment? 188
  2. Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? 155
  3. Belonging pages: HSC 2009-2012 110
  4. HSC English NSW Area Study Standard and Advanced Belonging 1  102
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There won’t be a Saturday stats next week as the end of the month is coming up.

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