Church of the holy bicycles…

08 Feb

Bicycles: one of three things Alison Clark notes about South Sydney Uniting Church in the latest print edition of Insights. The other two were: interesting assortment of pets (animals welcome) and “interesting assortment of people – diverse and colourful.”

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In the online edition, the Moderator, who visited last year, noted:

So where have I experienced these shoots of hope in our church?

These are some:

  • South Sydney Congregation is certainly an example of a congregation responding to the call to be inclusive — small but growing with a strong sense of community and connection to the community around — authentic and vibrant.
  • Peteli stepping out in faith, growing a congregation with strong Tongan foundations but doing something new in the Australian context.
  • Auburn Uniting Church through adversity (the burning down of their hall at time of the Cronulla riots) strengthening multicultural and interfaith relationships in a hugely diverse community….

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