19 Feb

Yes, WordPress has just offered a new theme. What do you think of it? It was a bit of work to set up because of the sidebar configuration. It does (just) cope with the widest pics as well, though I will be careful not to make them too wide from now on. It does look best in Internet Explorer (IE8 anyway)… OK in Firefox. Looks fine in Opera.


Now I have mastered the new options feature you may see why I chose Vigilance. Pretty, isn’t it?

I have switched English/ESL and Floating Life 4/06 ~ 11/07 to variants of this theme. The photo blog and Ninglun’s Specials won’t change as there would be too much correction of over-large photos involved. Anyway, I want to keep those photos big.

Update 2

I changed my mind about Ninglun’s Specials. Now I am back-editing “bleeding” pics – that is, those that spill over into the side bar. It’s well on the way though.

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