Another great Monday night on ABC

24 Feb

Coincidentally, visitor #320,000 (Sitemeter) came to the Floating Life blogs at 6.43 this morning from the ABC. The visitor read yesterday’s post on the 7.30 Report and Indigenous history.

But what a night Auntie gave us last night! We really are blessed with our non-commercial broadcaster.

6:30pm Talking Heads

7:00pm  ABC News

7:30pm  The 7.30 Report Website

8:00pm  Australian Story Website

8:30pm  Four Corners Website

9:20pm  Media Watch Website Download Watch Clip

9:35pm  The Cut

The Cut is a very promising program, commencing last night – as good as classics like Frontline or The Games, I think. Talking Heads was inspiring. Australian Story last night raised some troubling dilemmas. Four Corners was so powerful I will give it a separate entry, and Media Watch has rarely bettered last night’s episode, which revealed the poverty and venality of commercial tabloid current affairs yet again, but the first issue dealt with would have to be the bottom of the commercial barrel. Standards? You are joking…! See Young Australian of the Year Smeared.

What this nasty little piece suggests is that Jonty Bush and her secret lover have somehow conspired to rip off money from a charitable foundation and had it paid to her as an improper bonus: or as Kate Donnison so pithily put it – remember? – it accuses Jonty Bush of:

Kate Donnison: …dishonesty, deception and a secret affair with a married man.
— Channel Nine, A Current Affair, 22nd January, 2009

Dishonesty? Deception? Look who’s talking! ACA presents not a skerrick of evidence for its allegations, and all the evidence we’ve found shows them to be a pack of lies.

Read it all. It is utterly disgusting. Moral: don’t touch programs like A Current Affair until they mend their ways. They are the pits.

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