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Notwithstanding the previous post…

… it was a very pleasant afternoon, as you may see.

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My tutoring session, even if it was mainly sorting out some very tangled English, was satisfying.

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Without going into lots of personal detail, I can say this is a topic that has concerned me for some time. I am of an age and in a situation where the issue is not uncommon, after all.

So I went to Beyond Blue and to some other resources: Depression Screening Test; Take a Depression Test! In all, counting those on Beyond Blue, about half a dozen online self-rating tools, generally reputable but of course indicative only. The consensus in my results is, well, depressing. 😉 I range from severe to possible, but with the majority in the red zone – or should that be blue?

Yes, I propose to do something about it.

And yes, it explains a lot – perhaps even why I blog so much. I further suspect it is of long standing, though it can be hidden from oneself and others for a long time.

Tutoring I can do almost no matter what – but that is an act, you know, backed up of course by knowledge and experience, and in its own way uplifting. Within reason (privacy of course being a factor) I will keep you posted.

Anxiety is not new to me.


You may like to read this from Beyond Blue: Depression in Older People.


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Time for a poll

Turnbull Cartoon by Cathy Wilcox

Turnbull Cartoon by Cathy Wilcox

I have from time to time lately lamented the party politics and power plays that to my mind corrupt our country’s approach to riding out the world economic downturn, partly because I see the issue as being as important as being at war and partly because I am cynical enough to believe that if the Libs, or God forbid, John Howard, had won the 2007 election we would be no better off today than we are now — or not much better off, or even worse off. See the cartoon on the right from today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

As usual you can choose more than one answer or add one of your own.