Blog security — and my favourite blogging tool

09 Mar

Regulars will remember the vicissitudes I had last year, so I was immediately interested when I saw Lorelle has a post on Firewalling and Hack Proofing Your WordPress Blog. Even if much of it applies to rather than, it is still worth a look.

I do most of my blogging on Windows Live Writer, which covers all my blogs in one convenient place. It also can be used off line, and entries can be uploaded to be scheduled to appear at some later time. I can also vary fonts in it very easily, play with colour, and do almost amazing things with pictures. It is, in short, quite wonderful.

There is a kind of down side: it saves all your posts to your own hard disk in a folder called “My blog posts”. Now that can be handy, but they do rather accumulate. You need to flush them out from time to time – some of them at least. The more there are the slower Live Writer gets, not to mention that after a while there is a rather large part of your computer occupied – especially if your computer is a bit old as mine is.

Not all the available Live Writer plug-ins work with WordPress, but enough do. However, whenever I want to post a YouTube or upload a PDF to a post or do a poll I have to go through my WordPress interface instead – but that is not all that inconvenient. Perhaps someone out there has resolved those issues?

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