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Solo Sunday lunch: Batik Courtyard Cafe


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Sirdan being unavailable today, and needing something substantial but away from my own indifferent cooking, I decided to try the new place just around the corner, pictures of which you may also see in the Photoblog at Nice sign, newish coffee place and Indonesian-Malaysian eatery. For Indonesian readers: Nuansa Indonesia ditengah daerah trendy Surry Hills.

For just $10.50 I had more gado-gado than I could eat and coffee. The service was very friendly, and in the time I was there everyone who came in seemed to be Indonesian.

Must tell Sirdan.

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Sunday Floating Life photo 12

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Sunday is music day 12 — June Tabor

I heard this on the radio last night and was impressed with it.

The song is Australian, the singer English.