Special art work at South Sydney UC

12 Apr

Over the Easter season South Sydney Uniting Church is hosting two major works and a number of smaller studies from the Stations of the Cross series by artist Miriam Cabello.

Award-winning artist Miriam Cabello is developing her greatly anticipated The Passion: Stations of the Cross. The launch in July 08 was Stage I of a three year project that shall eventually consist of fourteen large scale oil paintings.

The work explores social, racial, historical and political issues while drawing parallels to Christ’s last days on earth. Using the contemporary metaphor of a black boxer, Cabello is raising timely questions about race and ethnicity and encouraging thought about marginalized groups in today’s society.

Miriam Cabello was an award winner at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art and studied the works of the Old Masters in Italy and Spain as well as the Abstract Expressionalists in New York. The fruits of that experience are evident in the compelling, robust figures and splatters that inhabit the Stations series.

The second Station in the series, ‘The Betrayal’, has already been exhibited as a finalist at the 2007 Blake Prize for Religious Art, chosen from over 600 entries and then short listed to tour Australia throughout 2008.

Distinguished curator and author Rosemary Crumlin (OAM) stated; "The planned series is quite controversial… she has used the boxer and boxing as allegory and symbol. Her treatment is intelligent, thoughtful and confronting."…

012apr 003

The Betrayal

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