Bean counting time

18 Apr


Time to count who read what individual posts in the past seven days.

Floating Life has had 3,310 views so far in April, Ninglun’s Specials 680, Floating Life 4/06 ~ 11/07 1,323, the Photo blog 446, and English/ESL 4,418. Ninglun on Journalspace (Sitemeter stats) has had 140 views from 109 visitors. The top individually visited post there at the moment is…ay-mardi-gras-5-wet-and-muddy/.

Views Post Blog
140 Two thought-provoking articles from the SMH Floating Life
139 How should I write up a Science experiment? English/ESL
97 Mary Shelley, "Frankenstein" — and "Blade Runner" English/ESL
94 Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? English/ESL
67 Maurice O’Riordan’s view on nude children as art… Floating Life
67 Belonging pages: HSC 2009-2012 English/ESL
67 A student’s “Belonging Essay" workshopped English/ESL
65 How good is your English? Test and Answers Floating Life
59 The "Belonging" Essay English/ESL
57 Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — "The Angel’s Kiss" Floating Life
43 Assimilation, Integration, Multiculturalism Floating Life 4/06 ~ 11/07
36 The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005 Floating Life
35 HSC English NSW Area Study Standard and Advanced "Belonging" English/ESL
34 Friday Australian poem #17: Bruce Dawe, Floating Life 4/06 ~ 11/07
34 Links English/ESL
33 What tense should I use when I write about literature? English/ESL
32 Scaffolding English/ESL
27 How can I write faster in exams? English/ESL
26 Backgrounding my essay: question and resources English/ESL
24 From my personal site: The Secret River English/ESL

Top of Ninglun’s Specials is Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008 on 22; top of the Photoblog are 10 best nature shots from 2008: 9 and Light, texture, architecture: Surry Hills – 7 each.

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