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An interlude

This post is being stored ready to spring on you soon after midnight on Tuesday. I am conserving for a few days my off-peak bandwidth, which is running close to the edge. I downloaded that Mine video so I could watch it properly, and it is just on an hour long!

I am also still separating the wheat from the chaff in my proposed final post after Some non-fiction read recently: 2a and Some non-fiction read recently 2b – the personal component. I am trying to be detailed enough yet concise. Not easy, as working against the positives I have noted already in Blood & Rage there really is an awful lot of crap, and Fred Halliday was quite right to locate most of it in the last chapter. Trouble is it is exactly the kind of crap that some – fans of Miranda or Andrew B for example – may most value. Crap nonetheless, though – and potentially dangerous crap too. I see Madeleine Albright as a good counterweight here.

Here’s a coincidence though: in late 1999 M was in Quetta (Pakistan) for a while; so were the 9/11 perpetrators. I doubt they met.

Enough for now. The promised post will materialise in the next day or three.

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