Depression and creativity

28 Apr

I read about this first on Matilda, Perry Middlemiss’s OzLit blog.

A couple of weeks back James Bradley, on his "City of Tongues" weblog, reprinted an essay he had written and had published in "The Griffith Review". The title of that essay was "On Depression and Creativity", which was reprinted, in an edited version in "The Age" Review section over the weekend [not currently on the paper’s website].

And for the past couple of weeks I’ve wanted to link to this piece and bring it to your attention. The trouble was that every introduction I thought of came across as insignificant and trite. So I’ve decided not to bother with one…

In the same spirit I refer you to Never real and always true: on depression and creativity. I found it personally interesting too of course.

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One response to “Depression and creativity

  1. Legal Eagle

    April 28, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Very interesting piece. I’m sure (as I’ve said before) that those who suffer from depression are those who think about matters very deeply, and therefore it isn’t surprising that creative people and philosophers should suffer from a higher rate of depression.

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