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25 May

So you see I have been decorating again! 😉 The photoblog looks like this in the latest Firefox:


When I checked in IE8 earlier today I noticed the masthead was just NEIL’S MODEST PHOTO with BLOG dropping under. However, opening IE8 again I found good rendering:


On Firefox the re-opened Blogspot site looks like this:


That’s OK, I think. Do you agree? I changed, by the way, because Journalspace worries me. It disappears from time to time with no warning or explanation, and quite a few users have gone elsewhere, so I thought it wise to bail out. For the time being Ninglun on Journalspace remains online but will shrink to a mere redirect when I have taken what I want from it to Blogspot.

I am in green mode…

English/ESL stays as it was.

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One response to “Just site news

  1. Benjamin Solah

    May 25, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I like the designs. I’ve been thinking of changing myself, to a more darker format and a new header.

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