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New Surry Hills Library: excellent

Apparently the new Community Centre and Library opened yesterday.

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Finding the door was a bit of a challenge at first, but what a building! See also Surry Hills: new community centre and library nearing completion. It isn’t just a pretty face either.

Project Details at a Glance

  • The new library will span two levels – the ground floor and the lower ground floor, and will be linked by a glazed atrium filled with plants. It will feature an expanded collection, dedicated children’s area and local studies area, more computers, a large magazine and periodicals area.
  • The neighbourhood centre will be located on the first floor and will provide flexible meeting rooms as well as a large public meeting room for up to 125 people. The community centre will also feature dedicated facilities for cooking classes and computer training.
  • A new child care facility will occupy the entire top floor, providing children with a large, safe, shaded play space open to the sky. There will be places for 26 children and the facility will be fully compliant with all current child care regulations.
  • The new centre sets a benchmark in environmentally sustainable design. To reduce reliance on air-conditioning an open-air atrium and rooftop plants will naturally filter the air, solar cells will provide power and tanks will collect rain water.

Sydney City Council.

In the time it took me to take out my new books and DVDs around seven people joined the Library. Apparently there is a rush of new members.

28 May: See also New Surry Hills Community Centre and Library on Blogspot.


Sol Trujillo as victim of malicious Rudd racist “adios”…

… only if the unexpressed “arrogant turd” is racial vilification. We colonials take rather unkindly to being labelled “backward”, and I am sure the Singaporeans were not impressed by Trujillo’s stewardship either:

SOL TRUJILLO’S claims on the BBC that Australia is a racist country sit oddly with the dog-whistle politics which Telstra played so hard and so often under his three-year stewardship.

"We are an Australian company, majority owned by Australians. We are not from Singapore or anywhere else," Mr Trujillo’s chairman, Donald McGauchie, told shareholders at the company’s AGM a year ago.

The Singapore reference was a shot at Telstra’s main competitor, Optus, which is owned by Singapore Telecommunications…

So writes Michael West in today’s Sydney Morning Herald. I even find myself in broad agreement with Peter Costello, former Howard treasurer:

There are plenty of reasons to be critical of Sol Trujillo’s performance as chief executive of Telstra. Race is not one of them.

Kevin Rudd was foolish to take a cheap shot – saying "adios" – when Trujillo left. And Trujillo is milking it as evidence that Australia is racist.

But come on, Sol. You came to Australia and took up the prize job in Australia’s telecommunications industry. After four years you are leaving with $30 million of cash and bonuses. And you want us to believe you are a victim of racism?…

Trujillo says he changed Australia. Not in the way he thinks. One change is that corporate boards are going to be more wary of overseas appointments in future. Australian executives are as good as any in the world. A chief executive who understands the country and has a long-term interest in its future is a valuable asset for a company in a sensitive sector.

The Telstra directors could not have been surprised things ended the way they did under Trujillo. His previous track record was there for all to see. In my view, the board has a lot of explaining to do. It’s about judgment and performance. It is not about race.

The “Ugly American” rides again…

Yesterday I remarked on Twitter: “What a twerp!” Indeed.