Daily Archives: June 18, 2009

Meme: 5 things I’m proud of

I see Kanani Fong has bitten the bullet, so I thought I would have a go. The meme was started by Jim Belshaw on Sunday; his entry was indeed daunting in that his career has been quite remarkable. My career has been more erratic and much lower profile. The other thing is that “Five things I am not proud of” could hold more promise. 😉

1. 1988

Not that I bear any responsibility for Australia’s Bicentennial, but I am proud of marching with the Aborigines and Torres Straits Islanders on 26 January 1988, an affirmation of many things including some of my own ancestors. I also got to know Aboriginal actress Kristina Nehm, met some very interesting people from her circle, and experienced a songman sharing a dreamtime story with me. I also, through Kristina and at the request of my boss, enabled the sharing of Aboriginal culture with the students of an essentially South African Jewish school north of Sydney. Kristina herself came and told her story, and later in the year the Mornington Island community (to which that songman belonged) descended on the school and shared dance, stories and skills. I still remember how impressed the students were with the use of the woomera to launch a spear the full length of a football field.

2. Neos

You can read about this Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee award-winning venture here.

3. Australia

Yeah, not a bad place all things considered.

4. Some wins in my teaching career

Nice to hear from ex-students at times, the most recent being Rob Whitton (class of 1971).

5. Helping M become an Australian citizen

I sure learned a lot about bureaucracy and the Australian Immigration Department. In the long run M has helped me rather more than I have helped him.

Not quite the same as Jim’s or Kanani’s, but there you go. I’ve at least done it.