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I happened along soon after…

I had the twins for tutoring today starting at 1.00, so I wandered up Hay Street around 12.45. I did see them retrieve the man.

See Man struck by Sydney tram.

The tram eventually moved off around 2.30.

0807 002

No, I didn’t have my camera with me, but it happened at this crossing.

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Some things that tickle me

My other favourites

If you go to the renamed Neil’s Sydney on Blogspot you will find in the sidebar a widget called BlogExplosion – my blogmarks. While surfing via BlogExplosion I sometimes bookmark blogs that attract my attention because of their design or something about the content. Go to that widget and see what I have found.

On Neil’s Sydney photo blog is another set of favourites, this time from City Daily Photo. Here they are

These will give you much pleasure!

And I am sure you are aware of my Google Reader which I update at least once a day.

My daily dose of mindless TV

Yes, when I can, I watch Deal or No Deal at 5.30 on Channel Seven: “The show that pits ordinary Australians against an insidious banker intent on thwarting their chances at walking away with $200000.”

I admire the quiet assumptions the show makes about what an “ordinary Australian” is – no fanfare, no drum roll – and this is a power for good. Last night for example:


And what a character she was! She walked away $100,000 richer. She had hoped for a few thousand to set up an ice-cream van!