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Unlikely searches

Having noticed the following search terms leading to Floating Life over the last seven days, I decided to try some unlikely searches of my own. Here are some of the Floating Life ones:

  • christos tsiolkas jesus christ
  • genuine nude photograph of my wife
  • boys undies

So I offer these to try in your favourite search engine:

  • queen elizabeth terrorist
  • george bush secret muslim
  • john howard spunkbucket
  • kevin rudd spunkbucket
  • john howard bowels
  • malcolm turnbull bowels
  • john howard transexual
  • kevin rudd is harry potter
  • john howard satan
  • kevin rudd satan

An image search of the last one on Google yields this:


Finally, try “barack obama really a woman”.

Have fun.


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Sunday is music day 22: Thomas Tallis

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