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What a geek I am!

Well, hardly – but I did solve, with the help of Google Search, a nasty little XP problem that arose in the past couple of days: the mouse right-click caused the computer to hang! So I did what you’d expect – restored to a few days back, ran various diagnostics, defragged, optimised, ran disk check. All to no avail. The effect of the problem was such that when it occurred I had to go to CONTROL ALT DELETE and shut the process down, after which my desktop restarted itself, rearranging the items in the task bar as it did.

Google Search led me eventually to ShellExView v1.37 – Shell Extensions Manager by Nir Sofer. So I printed the instructions and nervously downloaded the tool and ran it. Once I’d entered the previously arcane part of the computer’s bowels I decided the most recently added context menu handler was probably the villain. I disabled it, rebooted, and lo the problem was solved! 🙂

Many thanks, Nir Sofer.


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Sunday Floating Life photo 26

msplace 009

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