First the very local story: Surry Hills Library flooded

28 Jul

This is rather ironic as at M’s party on Sunday I was praising the new library (which I still would do). The person I was talking to is an architecture academic, who said I should wait and see…

The very next day:  BREAKING NEWS Surry Hills Library flooded.

surrylibrary In what appears to be a freak accident Sydney Council’s new $20 million Surry Hills Library was flooded by thousands of litres of water this morning, Monday July 27. Witnesses said the entire basement level had been flooded.

Emergency crews were on the scene to pump the water out into storm water drains. It is unknown when the building will reopen to the public.

A spokeswoman for the building’s owner Sydney Council said the cause was at this stage unknown.
“There has been some minor flooding on the ground floor of the Surry Hills Library and Community centre,” the spokeswoman said…

How sad!

30 July

Still closed! Wonder how many books were damaged? I renewed mine online after finding repairs still going on.

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