Computer tragedy

03 Aug

I have boasted recently of my growing geekdom, but I crashed and burned last Friday! Somehow I downloaded a nasty bit of malware – I think I know how and caution you against any site offering free drivers – and the poor Toshiba had all its restore points prior to the malware wiped, had a few files rearranged, and all access to USB and DVD/CD destroyed. You know what that means: all fixes are off! Running antivirus and antimalware programs did nought. Too late, she cried!

Thanks to Sirdan I now have an ACER 4230 with a 2 gig dual core processor, 160 gig HDD and Vista. So much time downloading updates and restoring and setting up favourite programs – but no shonky driver updaters!

I am now back in business, as you see. One or two things I am still catching up on.

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Posted by on August 3, 2009 in awful warnings, computers


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