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What recent posts have been attracting attention?

… for good and ill, I should add! 😉

On this blog in the past seven days the recent posts most visited individually have been:

Except for the last one, there is a bit of a theme going there. The comments have sometimes been agreeable, but many show just how difficult balanced, rather than partisan, discussion is about these matters.

The English/ESL blog has been spectacular in the past week, but then it is Trial HSC season. On Sunday 9 August there were 1,119 views, and on Monday 10 August 929.

Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog has scored well in the past week, but nothing like English/ESL! It is up 48% on the previous week at the moment. Glebe: my home 1987-1988 was the most popular individually viewed photo, but only six views! There is quite a long list of photos people have looked at in the last week though.

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