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Sunday lunch – Sirdan at Chinese Whisper

At our favourite Chinese restaurant today, Chinese Whisper in Crown Street.

Sirdan had been in Melbourne the previous weekend, seeing this:

The Disintegration Of The Persistence of Memory, 1952-1954

Excellent, he said. And he also saw A Day in Pompeii. He stayed at the Hotel Windsor.



This entry is being written by a dictation in speech recognition. It is quite a strange experience:  composing an entry this way you have to speak very clearly.  It is not perfect as it often misinterprets what I say. For example, “in absurd ways” came up as  “in the ad showed why he’s” and then as “the ads so the lights”!

But I am told that the computer will gradually learn to recognize my voice and my pronunciation. The hats and Australian accent (which is the computer’s version of “Perhaps an Australian accent”) is rather challenging for the poor thing. Still I suppose it is amazing that it works at all. The last three words were “works at old” until I said all in a slightly American accent!  

But if I say very clearly to the computer “Open Windows Live Writer!” that’s exactly what it does. I typed that bit so the poor thing would not have a breakdown, as Live Writer is already open of course.

Now to see if WordPress is back online…


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