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Making love to my computer

Sad what a sexagenarian like me is reduced to, isn’t it? I saw a sticker in Chinatown yesterday which said “When I get lonely I google myself.” I was almost tempted to buy one. 😉

I have been nice to my computer because it was complaining about its desktop. Far too messy, it said, and indeed I was sometimes spending too long looking through the icon crowd for the one I wanted. But then along came Fences, a free program.


See, neat labelled boxes! Much easier.

I have however been controlling my w*nking with templates on the blogs lately. I hope you’ve noticed that. Of course, as I noted when reading items in that archive I have been mining for the last several days, the habit formed early. I guess it did have value though as I learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t. For any old Diary-Xers out there, here is a burst of nostalgia.

diaryx1 diaryx2

Vintage 2004 – and you’ll see the blog name was by then well established.

BTW – in case you wondered – I have had a rotten non-Swine-Flu cold. Seems to be clearing up though.

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