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Sirdan in Devonshire Street


We had been hoping Mr Rabbit would join is at Chinese Whisper today, but it was not to be. Meal was great anyway…

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Geeky post this Sunday

There will be a non-geeky post later.

Given my experiences (especially with the Toshiba) in the past couple of months I do commend How Does Spyware, Malware or Crapware Get on My Computer?

Let me add to it a commendation for a-squared Free 4.5. Just yesterday I gave the ACER a full scan – yes it takes a while – but it did uncover a case of zlob infection that all the others (MalwareBytes, for example, which is very good) had missed. wasn’t a false positive either, though a-squared does sometimes yield false positives. (Moral: quarantine rather than delete, at least at first, and make sure you have a very recent restore point even before the scan.)

Otherwise I have recently installed as antivirus and more Microsoft Security Essentials. Some reviews are quite positive:

As we continued testing MSE, it either caught threats after they were downloaded and executed, or blocked them from getting onto the computer in the first place. It doesn’t have a 100 percent detection rate (that would be impossible, of course), but when we uninstalled it and scanned our machine with various other third-party software, they all came up with nothing. Based on our findings, MSE was definitely doing its job well while we were using it. Once security research companies pit the product against millions of malware samples, we’ll be able to draw better conclusions.

Others are less enthusiastic, but note the first comment which I agree with. What I like most, I must confess, is that it uses less resources than anything else I have tried. Naturally, as you’ll have noted above, I do deploy other condoms.

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