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Something to watch

Richard Allen twenty-five years ago — he was only in his early twenties then — worked with me on a literary magazine called Neos. He has since, with his wife Karen Pearlman, gone onto other ventures. See

Tomorrow ABC1 is screening their work Thursday’s Fictions at 23.15. There is a trailer for you to see.

A dance-drama by the Australian group The Physical TV Company (Artistic Directors Richard James Allen and Karen Pearlman). This adult fairytale is a story about the transformative power of beauty, set in a magic realist world where each character is named for a day of the week. The ATOM Award-winning film was recently described as “the Pan’s Labyrinth of dance…no less than a work of genius…Quite simply…the best piece of cinema I’ve seen this year” (Chris Docker, Eyeforfilm).

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