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Aussie icon takes up residence in Japan

You’d think I would be commenting on the extraordinary behaviour of the Liberal Party in Canberra, wouldn’t you? But no, I was attracted instead by this – though perhaps Wilson Bloody Tuckey has something in common with it.

There are fears in Japan that a potentially deadly Australian invader is beginning to close in on some of the country’s most crowded urban areas.

It is believed redback spiders originally hitched a ride in a container ship, possibly one carrying woodchips.

A few months ago a six-year-old boy from Osaka was bitten by a redback in the first case where anti-venom was used in Japan.

His case is just one of a dozen this year in which Japanese have been nipped by this Australian arachnid, which is spinning its silk web from Nagoya to Fukuoka, to Osaka.

In fact the Environment Ministry says redbacks have now been reported in 16 of Japan’s 47 prefectures. And in Osaka prefecture alone this year, 12 people have been bitten.

The managing director of the Aichi Prefecture Pest Control Association, Takesada Ohashi, is concerned by the trend.

"If redback numbers keep increasing and they spread throughout Osaka city, then I’ll be very worried that more people could be bitten," he said.

He says the big fear is they may even be bitten without knowing…

Wait until the funnel-webs hear of this!


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