Homework ;)

26 Nov

In preparation for a post tomorrow – or maybe Saturday? – I am reading:

  • ABC News Climate Change special coverage
  • UNSW Climate Change Research Centre
  • The Copenhagen Diagnosis
  • Greg Sheridan in The Australian.

      Watching the debate, I am afraid I have become a climate change agnostic. I am not a denier, nor really a sceptic. I am agnostic. I do not know whether the science that says we’re all doomed if we don’t de-carbonise the economy is true. Neither does anyone else.

      But I am more than half convinced by the argument that we should give the planet the benefit of the doubt. It would be good if we polluted less. I’d like to end the dependence of Western societies on Middle Eastern oil. And one day, even if climate change is not a killer, the world will run out of fossil fuel. So by all means let’s diversify our energy sources and clean up our environments. But I don’t want us to go broke in the process.

  • Miranda Devine the predictable.
  • George Monbiot on the same issue as Miranda Devine.

And on another matter, don’t forget Making Samson and Delilah at 9.35 on ABC tonight. You may also watch it on that link.

Update 7.15 pm

Wow! And again, Wow!

I don’t think I have ever heard Malcolm Turnbull speak better than he just did at that press conference. Who knows what will happen? I just know those I like least in the Liberal Party are those who have chosen to walk. Yon Minchin has a lean and hungry look. Abbott is an honourable man; so are they all, honourable men! And Casca Bloody Tuckey – well, there’s someone who should have gone long ago…

Perhaps a better than one might hope long-term outcome will be the rise of young Master Hockey. Despite his association under Howard with the loathsome workplace “reforms” he does have some human and intellectual qualities to offer, I feel.

Kevin Andrews? Well, perhaps the funny farm?


One response to “Homework ;)

  1. Thomas

    November 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    What entertainment! The evolving news was better than primetime TV! I understood that only Turnbull can call party meetings now, as well as being to only person who can call a vote on the spill, so unless something drastic were to happen, he will be good for his passage of the ETS come 3:45pm tomorrow (I counted some 16 senators that were still loyal to him). Then, Monday, who knows. Abbott/Smith would likely win in a spill, and maybe Turnbull will hold out long enough to pass the ETS and stick it to his opponents.

    While I heard Hockey said he wouldn’t run for leadership if Turnbull was, I really hope he doesn’t run at all. He’s not an idiot and surely realises that there won’t be a Coalition government come the close of the next election (which I wouldn’t be surprised to see come in the first half of next year, certainly next year to avoid the state election on 2011). He’s the last hope that a lot of centrists hold for the Liberals. If they pull the trigger on him too early (like they did with Turnbull), and he failed, who else is left? Chris Pyne? And who else?


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