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Photo fun

M and I have been going through some of M’s photos from his various overseas trips between 1999 and the present. He is entering 12 in an international photo competition. More details after they are submitted and judged. We have brought it down to 21.

To give you an idea, here is one that didn’t make the cut…


He’s good, you know….

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Quick and interesting: meet a blog

M was over this evening emailing various people with accounts of his South America/Antarctica travels. One such person, whom he had met on those travels, is the author of this blog:


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M reappears

M called in yesterday, having returned the previous day from his South America and Antarctica trip. While overseas he allowed his hair to assume its natural grey. I think it looks distinguished. 🙂

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Postcard from Patagonia

From Ushuaia, “mas austral del mundo” — the southernmost city in the world. It was written just before the trip to Antarctica. Of course the man himself will be back in Australia the day after tomorrow.

As an Australian, I did a double-take at one of the pictures on the postcard:


Hands Cave and Pinturas River Canyon…an amazing display of cave art 9,300 years old in the heart of southern Patagonia

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Not quite random

My Oz Day involved tutoring in Chinatown, which did mean I saw what was going on at that end of town. Lots of people are out and about. I always get nostalgic — an emotion I am increasingly subject to but enjoy — when I see the vintage buses doing their rounds on Oz Day.


And no, that’s not me.

Bandjalung artist Andy sent me an SMS wishing me Happy Oz Day and warning me to use sun screen lest I got darker… 😉

Nice email from a poet: Nasra.

Came here as was searching for Arab Books Reviews but led me to your blog ..I enjoyed especially reading an Australian

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M back in Buenos Aires

… and attempting to find an earlier flight back to Oz. Otherwise he will be there for a while in February. I gather finding flights is not easy.

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M back from Antarctica

He found it a very special place.

He returns to Australia at the end of this month.

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