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Well here I am again

I have just finished and emailed the Aunty Beryl story to the South Sydney Herald and I have been to M’s to do something for him – he’s on a ship cruising around Australia at the moment. I have also been carrying on with rereading The Lord of the Rings – about halfway through, but most of my time has been spent restocking the ACER which went to the computer hospital for a successful operation yesterday.

I’ll tell you what happened. I managed to corrupt Vista, all by myself. It’s easy. Just forget to tick a box when creating a backup, especially if the box you fail to tick is the data disk. Then restore from that backup. Works every time!

There is a plus though. ACER comes with an ability to roll back to XP – and now it has. Yes, while you’re all out there contemplating Windows 7 I am retreating. I have to tell you the computer is very happy with the change.

Of course there are those updates which are still trickling in from Microsoft, but I can tell you a neat trick. IOBit Security 360 has a tool that downloads and installs all the missing Windows hotfixes from Windows except it does it a lot faster than Windows does. I discovered that a few days ago when I was running an older borrowed computer as a stopgap.

Soon I will get back to proper posting, but now to do the photoblogs.

One last thing: three of my coachees are now doing the HSC so they are no longer coachees. But a Year 9/10 one told me yesterday that they have a family friend with three kids who want tutoring, so that may work out well. The Year 9/10 is happy with me because he has just been promoted to the top English class.

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Computer — tragic

I have had a computer disaster and am using an older machine as a stopgap. More at another time.

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Things I mean to post about

Just now I have a bit on my plate:

  1. another South Sydney Herald assignment deadline 21 October
  2. the final tutoring sessions for the 2009 HSC on Saturday
  3. an issue I am working on for M

Not that these are enormous burdens, but they do distract from blogging.

I intend to:

  1. catch up on some fiction read recently, including one of the best so far this year
  2. revisit Oral: thoughts while reading Mark Davis
  3. say something about our current hoo-ha about asylum seekers – meanwhile carefully read Trivialising an important document
  4. say something about Sydney’s transport problems
  5. post on re-reading The Lord of the Rings

All in good time, people.

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Instant senescence

Thinking today as my coachees approach D-Day for the HSC 2009 that it is FIFTY years since I was similarly placed. Oh my!

Now just 40 years before that and where were we?

1919---Hughes-addresses-Aus council_of_four_versailles

Vladimir_Lenin_and_Joseph_Stalin,_1919 070405b_1919wreck

And 50?

1909 Latham over chanbel

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Listening to Gorecki, reading Nowra

A rather powerful combination…

I’ll have more to say on Louis Nowra’s Ice later.



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Today I get a jab

To quote Lateline last night: “It is said to be the biggest vaccine roll-out in the nation’s history. Twenty-one million doses of the swine flu vaccine are being given to patients across the country. But the program has not been without its critics.”

Dr C rang yesterday to say my dose is waiting. This morning at 10 I become a guinea pig. Apparently health workers, pregnant women and the elderly are first in line. I am perhaps in one of those categories.

Perhaps I will blog tomorrow. 😉

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Oral: thoughts while reading Mark Davis

This is my second spoken post, but this time I used my digital camera to make the recording. I was drawn to what Davis has to say about Geoffrey Blainey.

spoken Click to listen