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In 2009 people came to Floating Life after searching for…

  1. angels 2,619 visits
  2. english tests with answers 2,083
  3. serenity prayer 1,357
  4. conflicting perspectives 504
  5. english test with answers 458
  6. migraine aura 409
  7. nude children 369
  8. wilhelm von gloeden 269
  9. golf polo 260
  10. most interesting blogs 254
  11. orientalist paintings 251
  12. von gloeden 246
  13. young lesbian 221
  14. conservapedia is a joke 207
  15. how good is your english 202
  16. felix mendelssohn 188
  17. orientalist art 176
  18. angel kiss 173
  19. kiss 166
  20. bill henson 144
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Summer Solstice – transitional doublepost

Frequently Unasked Questions


1. What does that title mean?

Well, that’s the date here in Surry Hills, and it marks the turning of the year. It’s transitional too between Floating Life and Neil’s Second Decade. It’s a doublepost because it appears on both blogs.

2. Why are you starting yet another blog?

Reviewing the decade of blogging for the twelve Blogging the Noughties posts several things struck me.

  • I found myself re-presenting personal posts in the main and decided future blogging might be lighter than Floating Life has sometimes been.
  • A decade seems to have a kind of shape to it; ending Floating Life now seemed better than just going on “forever”.

3. So the new blog will be trivial?

Not entirely. Just lighter.

4. Aren’t you assuming something in the new blog’s title?

It’s true I reach my three-score and ten in the coming decade. Who knows what the future holds?

5. What can we expect on the new blog?

Who knows? Book reviews, of course. I am tossing around a Mary Mackillop post at the moment.

6. What about the National Library?

As some of you know, Floating Life is now archived at the National Library in Canberra. Whether the new one is remains to be seen, but the link to it will be archived at least.

7. What should your regular readers do?

Adjust their links and feeds, I hope. 🙂

8. What have you done to coordinate your blogs?

The only public blogs that will be ongoing are Neil’s Second Decade, Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog, and English/ESL. The first two will have a feed each to the other prominently displayed in their side bars. They also have matching “skins”. On Neil’s Second Decade (which has only two extra pages) there is a page listing all my blogs back to 2000 with month-by-month archive links.

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New blog now up: Neil’s Second Decade.

Yes, the successor to this blog is now public, launched in December just as this one was in December 2007.

I will conclude the year here as well, and then new entries to Floating Life will cease. The Blogspot photoblog is also going into recess.

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Mid-month Saturday stats – this blog only

Noticing a spike here yesterday (249 views) I thought I’d review how this blog has been going so far in November. The monthly total so far turns out to be better than last month: 185 compared with 165 per day, but still lower than the first half of 2009. There have been six referrals so far from that National Library listing.

Old favourites dominate the top twenty individually viewed posts in the past 14 days. * = recent posts.

  1. How good is your English? Test and Answers 216
  2. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — 138
  3. Australian poem: 2008 series #8 – Indig 85
  4. Dispatches from another America 74
  5. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005  71
  6. Australian poem 2008 series #17: "A 41
  7. Links 41
  8. Australian poem 2008 series #10: Peter S 40
  9. * Aunty Beryl story – South Sydney Herald 35
  10. Maurice O’Riordan’s view on nude children as art 33
  11. Postcard from Patagonia 26
  12. Kevin Rudd as art critic 21
  13. Liberal – Conservapedia: this is not a joke 20
  14. * Adrian Phoon in The Age 20
  15. Delia Malchert – Migraine Aura – Scintillating Scotoma 16
  16. Mendelssohn Bicentenary 15
  17. Australian poem 2008 series #12 – Judith Wright 15
  18. About 14
  19. Friday poem 13: Emily Dickinson 14
  20. Conflicting perspectives 14
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Pandora (National Library)

Now indexing this blog. 🙂

The confirmation email arrived two days ago.

Blogged with the Flock Browser
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I’m back!

Did you miss me?

Yes, computer trouble again. You see there was this system bug notice over the past week or so every time I booted up. I figured it wasn’t very important, but after a while I thought I would do something about it.

So I conscientiously backed up yesterday morning using the Windows backup tool, and a couple of others which proved as useful as tits on a bull, as they say in the country.

I then backtracked to before the bug started using System Restore. Then I figured I would install the backup.

Fine, the bug has gone. But some things didn’t work, so there was a spate of reinstalling programs yesterday. Sadly I still can’t get Live Writer to work though Live Mail and Live Gallery both work fine.

So here I am on an old friend, Flock — just to see how it goes. I used to use it a few years back. It has improved.

Back to serious posting shortly. But maybe I will go the whole hog and install Windows 7 after all… ??

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Saturday stats again

Thomas noted a spike in his visits just before the HSC, so I thought I’d check today. English/ESL seemed the first place to check:


Yep, there sure is a spike!

On Floating Life the most visited posts so far this month are:

  1. How good is your English? Test and Answers 270 views
  2. Conflicting perspectives 121
  3. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005 111
  4. Dispatches from another America 88
  5. Maurice O’Riordan’s view on nude children as art 87
  6. Australian poem: 2008 series #8 – Indigenous 78
  7. Liberal – Conservapedia: this is not a joke 78
  8. Australian poem 2008 series #17: "Australia" 70
  9. Australian poem 2008 series #10: Peter S 60
  10. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 — 58
  11. Afghanistan – on the dollar trail 35
  12. Kevin Rudd as art critic 34

In my opinion the best post I have done all week – indeed for a while – is Communication, Education, Respect – and it’s also original!

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Computer — tragic

I have had a computer disaster and am using an older machine as a stopgap. More at another time.

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Things I mean to post about

Just now I have a bit on my plate:

  1. another South Sydney Herald assignment deadline 21 October
  2. the final tutoring sessions for the 2009 HSC on Saturday
  3. an issue I am working on for M

Not that these are enormous burdens, but they do distract from blogging.

I intend to:

  1. catch up on some fiction read recently, including one of the best so far this year
  2. revisit Oral: thoughts while reading Mark Davis
  3. say something about our current hoo-ha about asylum seekers – meanwhile carefully read Trivialising an important document
  4. say something about Sydney’s transport problems
  5. post on re-reading The Lord of the Rings

All in good time, people.

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Anyone else being archived?

I have just had a request.

The National Library of Australia aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian publications to ensure that Australians have access to their documentary heritage now and in the future. The Library has traditionally collected items in print, but it is also committed to preserving electronic publications of lasting cultural value.

PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive, was set up by the Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications. Since then we have been identifying online publications and archiving those that we consider have national significance. Additional information about PANDORA can be found on the Library’s server at:

We would like to include the Floating Life website in the PANDORA Archive and I would be grateful if you would let me know whether you are willing to permit us to do so, that is, grant us a licence under the Copyright Act 1968, to copy your publication into the Archive and to provide public online access to it via the Internet. This means that you would grant the Library permission to retain your publication in the Archive and to provide public access to it in perpetuity.
We would also like to re-archive your publication periodically to record significant additions and changes.

That Pandora site is good.


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Combined geekery and stats post

I have been having fun configuring and tweaking the new ACER. At the flummery level is Desktop Icon Toy which has enabled me to do strange things to the desktop icons. They dance when you hover over them too. Cute. So now my desktop looks like this:


More usefully, a very handy program called Gizmo Drive has enabled me to create copies of two of my most useful CD-ROMs here on my own computer. First is an Oxford Encyclopedia whose most useful feature is the complete Shorter Oxford Dictionary.


Second is Nodtronic’s Over 4,000 Works of Literature. Yes, I agree with the reservations expressed there, and it is quite old now, but nonetheless it is a handy thing to have on board.

eurekaLast but not least I do commend something I have been using for a long time now:  Anvir Task Manager Free.



This screenshot was taken a few minutes after start-up. Note the detail below. Drive G is the thumb drive which has been turned into around 2G of extra RAM. You will see it is working. See also The things I learn.

Saturday stats

Just the top individually visited posts on Floating Life in the past seven days.

  1. How good is your English? Test and Answers 67 views
  2. Australian poem 2008 series #17: "Australia" 48
  3. Australian poem: 2008 series #8 – Indigenous 35
  4. Dispatches from another America 31
  5. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005 29
  6. Great player, example, Australian… and Muslim 28
  7. Conflicting perspectives 20
  8. Australian poem 2008 series #10: Peter S 18
  9. Delia Malchert – Migraine Aura – Scintillating Scotoma 17
  10. To Wollongong with Sirdan — more than the usual Sunday lunch 17
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Saturday stats roundup — clicks

Here are the all-time top sites readers have clicked through to on my WordPress blogs.

Floating Life

  1.… 922
  2. 856
  3.… 760
  4. 741
  5.… 675
  6.… 517
  7. 516
  8.… 333
  9.… 332
  10. 310

Floating Life Apr 06 ~ Nov 07

  1. 630
  2. 601
  3. 485
  4. 449
  5. 363
  6.… 354
  7. 314
  8. 274
  9. 260
  10. 257

Ninglun’s Specials

  1. 708
  2. 321
  3.… 188
  4. 136
  5. 130
  6.… 127
  7.… 113
  8. 104
  9. 101
  10. 79


  1.… 1,511
  2.… 1,427
  3.… 1,342
  4.… 1,159
  5. 838
  6. 649
  7. 568
  8.… 555
  9.… 535
  10. 506

Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog

The “youngest” blog…

  1. 81
  2. 73
  3. 63
  4.… 49
  5. 34
  6.… 25
  7. 16
  8.… 15
  9. 14
  10.… 12

Some content on this page was disabled on April 6, 2017 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Cameron Krone. You can learn more about the DMCA here:

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Saturday blog news

The new template I tried here first is now across all my WordPress blogs except my student one, which you normally don’t see.

Stats to amaze myself with

  • Late in the week before last (probably) the Sitemeter count went over the 375,000 visitors. That of course is measuring all the Floating Life and “Ninglun” sites back to 7 July 2001. There have been over 2,000 visits in the past week.
  • Since 1 December 2007 Floating Life (this blog) has had 132,025 page reads, according to WordPress.
  • English/ESL continues to rock. It is already way over last month’s total, thanks no doubt to Trial HSCs in NSW: 12,184 views so far this month compared with the July total of 10,859. The best ever was March 2009 with 14,857 views.
  • More modestly, Floating Life has had 4,445 views so far this month compared with the July total of 6,352. It isn’t true that 2,445 of this month’s views are by Kevin from Louisiana. 😉
  • The top recent posts on Floating Life in the past seven days have been:

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What recent posts have been attracting attention?

… for good and ill, I should add! 😉

On this blog in the past seven days the recent posts most visited individually have been:

Except for the last one, there is a bit of a theme going there. The comments have sometimes been agreeable, but many show just how difficult balanced, rather than partisan, discussion is about these matters.

The English/ESL blog has been spectacular in the past week, but then it is Trial HSC season. On Sunday 9 August there were 1,119 views, and on Monday 10 August 929.

Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog has scored well in the past week, but nothing like English/ESL! It is up 48% on the previous week at the moment. Glebe: my home 1987-1988 was the most popular individually viewed photo, but only six views! There is quite a long list of photos people have looked at in the last week though.

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