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My favourites from 2009: 2


Moore Park 19 January


Pause for a pic 2


Took this on the way to Dr C’s this morning. (Just my monthly checkup and all seems well…)

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Sunday photo 36 – Surry Hills Village mall Sunday


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Sunday lunch – Bird Cow Fish

212 A larger group than usual today at the Bird Cow Fish in Crown Street. Sirdan and I had lamb. Great!

Afterwards Simon H and I dropped into the new Surry Hills Library which he hadn’t seen before. He was impressed.

On my way home I noted good use being made of the new skateboard area in Ward Park.

Good to see.



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Polish food and a very hot day

Sunday lunch was at Alchemy, a newish Polish cafe-restaurant in Crown Street Surry Hills. Hungry Girl gives an account which Sirdan and I would agree with!

A Polish gem amongst the many fantastic restaurants along Crown St. The food and service were great and the prices were reasonable. Perfect if you’re looking for some hearty, comforting food during winter.

I ordered pork and Sirdan beef. Somehow we managed to eat each other’s dish rather than our own, but it was all good. 🙂 We also concluded that Polish people are rather good looking, to judge from some we saw…

Trouble is it isn’t winter – though that was a plus in the people watching department. In fact today may well have been the hottest November day on record in Sydney. At 3pm it was 42C at Sydney Airport. 1982 is the official record (41.6C).

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For friends of South Sydney

10am is not compulsory. 😉




Yet another Sunday lunch in Surry Hills


We had our main at Chinese Whisper, sadly not to be with us for too much longer. For dessert we went over the road to a new Polish place. That’s Sirdan of course.


They have some interesting mains here, so we resolved to try them in the near future.

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