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Updates on my other blogs 1

One consequence of my recent stolen password incident has been the disappearance of the old Gateway page. Instead you will get what you now see. This will remain sticky until next Saturday, being updated whenever I write a new post on one of my other blogs.

New posts (updated as they happen)


September on this blog, Floating Life, has already passed 10,000 page views, according to WordPress stats. The previous best was 8,080 in July.

Visitor #13,000 for September 2008 on the Floating Life blog set, according to Sitemeter, arrived at 9.18 pm our time from Boston and looked at the Sarah Palin post.

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In-house news spot for Saturday 20 September 2008

Report on activity since last Saturday.

The gift of a digital camera has enabled me to make Ninglun’s Specials the photo blog (with extras) that I wanted it to be. The content is very much local at the moment, but my local is someone else’s exotic, so that’s OK. I think the technical quality of the pics is improving too.

Top posts in the last seven days on Ninglun’s Specials

  1. Sequel: Art Monthly Australia July 2008 30 individual visits
  2. First fruits from the Casio: Surry Hills 30
  3. 10. But is it art? Responses to the Bill Henson Controversy 24
  4. Surry Hills 8: Belvoir and Buckingham St 19
  5. Chinatown 1 18
  6. Top poems 2: John Donne (1572-1631) 14
  7. Chinatown 2 10
  8. DSL collection – Chinese Contemporary Art 10
  9. Top poems 1: The amazing web site of Shakespeare’s Sonnets 9
  10. Family stories 1 — mother 8

Top posts on Floating Life

  1. NSW Local Government Election 2008 / Sutherland 148
  2. Sarah Palin 146
  3. Australian poem: 2008 series #9 —  “The Angel’s Kiss”  139
  4. Sitemeter has changed 77
  5. Local government elections today in NSW, 74
  6. 2008 Beijing Paralympics Games – ABC (Australia) 65
  7. The Great Surry Hills Book Clearance of 2005  47
  8. Dr Nelson looks forward to a diet of jam 44
  9. How good is your English? Test and Answers 28
  10. Bigotry is not confined to the religious 24

Top posts on English/ESL

  1. How should I write up a Science experiment? 366
  2. Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? 266
  3. Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems 113
  4. Workshop 02 — NSW HSC: Area Study: Imaginative Journeys 67
  5. In the Wild: Brave New World and Blade Runner 57
  6. Scaffolding 45
  7. From my personal site: The Secret River 44
  8. What tense should I use when I write about literature? 41
  9. How can I improve my essay grades, especially in exams? 41
  10. How can I write better short stories? 36
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Hey from New York « Deus Lo Vult

Hey from New York,” writes Thomas.

So something over the fold for him…

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My Vodpod(s)

I have just added to the Ninglun’s Videos Vodpod and VodPod has itself had a facelift. It is well worth exploring now.


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Big changes!

The Gateway Page: I have at last, after contemplating the stats for last month, rationalised my blogs. For a moment I even considered closing the Gateway, but on due consideration, and after Thomas complained and Jim Belshaw revealed he was thinking of something Gateway for his own blog suite, I relented and simply redesigned the Gateway. The daily update entries won’t last forever though, being taken down at the end of each month. Similarly the Saturday stats. The monthly stats will appear here on New Lines from a Floating Life.

New Lines from a Floating Life now incorporates the old Oz Politics + Big Archive and Ninglun on Blogspot. First I used WordPress Import to suck up the Blogspot posts, which for the time being are still also on Blogspot. Then using Windows Live Writer I moved the pages from Oz Politics to New Lines. After that I attempted to do the export-import trick on Oz Politics, having deleted all the pages there, but found there was too much material. So I started culling, something long overdue, until I brought the total to be moved down to three meg. Then I started hoovering posts and transferring them to their new home.

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March 2006 review 2 and posts for Tuesday, 1 April

Sitemeter figures finished the month at midnight Sydney time; WordPress figures have about an hour to run, but since that won’t make much difference I’ll finish off my month review now.

Sitemeter stats

The Floating Life Sitemeter covers this blog, New Lines, Old Lines, Sans Words, Ninglun’s Journalspace and a few items on Geocities. The last two figure very little these days. 9,832 visits and 11,975 page views. That is down on February but up on January. Note that all my Sitemeters are configured to ignore my own visits.

English/ESL includes another smallish component on Geocities, but is otherwise purely the WP blog. 7,768 visits and 10,175 page views. That is better than February, but still behind 1) November 2007 (8,515/11,255) and 2) October 2007 (7,778/10,649). Read the rest of this entry »

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Posts for Easter Sunday

Tibet again, but with a difference perhaps. On New Lines from a Floating Life: The Dalai Lama is a living treasure; on Floating Life Sans Words: How big is Tibet?

Later on Floating Life Sans Words I introduce you to some of our Surry Hills fauna. If you are arachnophobic, don’t look.

And as you will have noticed, there has been a total template change through all my WordPress blogs. The previous main template, I found, was slightly erratic in the “previous entry” link at the bottom, which could be very annoying for anyone doing searches. I trust the new templates are better for that.

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