My favourites from 2009: 16

This seems appropriate for Christmas Day. It’s from 28 December. The shop is in Baptist Street, East Redfern.

dec16 006

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My favourites from 2009: 15 – Cornstalk Bookshop, Glebe

From a series in July 2009.

glebe 022

The upstairs room holds memories for me: see Glebe revisited.

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In 2009 people came to Floating Life after searching for…

  1. angels 2,619 visits
  2. english tests with answers 2,083
  3. serenity prayer 1,357
  4. conflicting perspectives 504
  5. english test with answers 458
  6. migraine aura 409
  7. nude children 369
  8. wilhelm von gloeden 269
  9. golf polo 260
  10. most interesting blogs 254
  11. orientalist paintings 251
  12. von gloeden 246
  13. young lesbian 221
  14. conservapedia is a joke 207
  15. how good is your english 202
  16. felix mendelssohn 188
  17. orientalist art 176
  18. angel kiss 173
  19. kiss 166
  20. bill henson 144
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My favourites from 2009: 14 – afternoon Surry Hills; Central Station afternoon

001march 009

002march 011

1 and 2 March 2009

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My favourites from 2009: 13 – Aunty Beryl

“Aunty” is a term of respect for an Aboriginal elder. I interviewed Aunty Beryl in October for the South Sydney Herald. Hers is an inspiring story.



My favourites from 2009: 12 – Winter Solstice

1906 001

Taken from near Museum Station, looking south.

1906 002

Looking north.

Elizabeth Street runs from near Circular Quay south. It is one of three main north-south streets, the others being Pitt and George.

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Summer Solstice – transitional doublepost

Frequently Unasked Questions


1. What does that title mean?

Well, that’s the date here in Surry Hills, and it marks the turning of the year. It’s transitional too between Floating Life and Neil’s Second Decade. It’s a doublepost because it appears on both blogs.

2. Why are you starting yet another blog?

Reviewing the decade of blogging for the twelve Blogging the Noughties posts several things struck me.

  • I found myself re-presenting personal posts in the main and decided future blogging might be lighter than Floating Life has sometimes been.
  • A decade seems to have a kind of shape to it; ending Floating Life now seemed better than just going on “forever”.

3. So the new blog will be trivial?

Not entirely. Just lighter.

4. Aren’t you assuming something in the new blog’s title?

It’s true I reach my three-score and ten in the coming decade. Who knows what the future holds?

5. What can we expect on the new blog?

Who knows? Book reviews, of course. I am tossing around a Mary Mackillop post at the moment.

6. What about the National Library?

As some of you know, Floating Life is now archived at the National Library in Canberra. Whether the new one is remains to be seen, but the link to it will be archived at least.

7. What should your regular readers do?

Adjust their links and feeds, I hope. 🙂

8. What have you done to coordinate your blogs?

The only public blogs that will be ongoing are Neil’s Second Decade, Neil’s Sydney Photo Blog, and English/ESL. The first two will have a feed each to the other prominently displayed in their side bars. They also have matching “skins”. On Neil’s Second Decade (which has only two extra pages) there is a page listing all my blogs back to 2000 with month-by-month archive links.

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