Here you will find in one convenient place all the polls from Floating Life, newest at the top.

All my polls are multiple choice. You can vote for more than one proposition at a time — assuming of course there are more than two choices! Second, the question order is random, changing from view to view. That’s to reduce donkey votes, I suppose.

 7. This poll depends on its post for context. Created 5 March 2009. It is of interest to Australians and concerns our current politics and the economic crisis. Go to Time for a poll.


6. What annoys me most… — poll created 9 November 2008


5. What do you like on Floating Life? — poll created 18 October 2008.


4. On Australia and the global economic crisis of October 2008

There is space here for "other" where you may add your ideas. You may also comment, of course.


3. On religion [created 23 August 2008].

Note the OTHER category where you may insert your own answer! Really scientific — not! But I look forward to seeing what happens. Oh, and I can delete really silly or offensive responses, and will — if they happen.


2. On commenting [created 24 July 2008].


1. Petrol prices [created 28 June 2008].

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