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Week from Saturday 8 November to Friday 14 November 2008

What’s new on Ninglun’s Specials, English/ESL and Photobucket

For the previous week see October 2008 on Floating Life and English/ESL – and what’s new.

Pic of the previous week from Ninglun’s Specials

My pick, that is.

mon27 014

Photo by Neil 3 November 2008

… and Marcellous’s too, as it happens…

What was hot on my blogs in the past seven days

Though nothing compared with Deus Lo Vult!

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Chinese Whisper now does Yum Cha

Tried this today with Sirdan and B. Unlike most Chinatown yum cha, Chinese Whisper gives you a menu to choose from up front. The steamed pork buns had more pork than usual, and the steamed pork ribs were the best we’d ever had.

Definitely recommended.

Highly Recommended
Food 10
Ambience 10
Service 10
Value 10

Great place!! Love the food here! Sally rocks! The service is incredibly good and the staff are very very friendly. A must go! The food is very good from the pricing.

We agree. 🙂


I notice Sirdan and I were in the same place this Sunday last year. God, so much has happened since then, much of it good — especially for Sirdan. 🙂

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