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Some reading matter for you

1. South Sydney Herald

The August issue has been out for a week or so. I have been slack about uploading you copy, but it is a good issue. As usual there are plenty of articles that transcend the parochial, but the parochial may also be interesting. Inner Sydney/Redfern is an interesting place.

August 09 SSH — PDF

2. More from Colin Chapman.

I gave Chapman’s Whose Holy City? the thumbs up in Is objectivity about Israel and Palestine possible? Today I give you a couple of substitutes for those without access to the book.

A Biblical Perspective on Israel/Palestine from the Arizona publication EMEU goes into some depth about a more balanced evangelical perspective on the matter. It is for the theologically inclined, more so than the book. EMEU is Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding – and further from John Hagee and company it can hardly be, but it is an evangelical Christian site, remember.

‘Islamic Terrorism’ and the Palestine-Israel Conflict: Christian Response is a special issue of Encounters, a Christian mission e-zine from the USA. Not by Chapman is an article I strongly recommend as it is not too far removed from my own thoughts on the subject: Muslims – Friends or Enemies. (Dr Jonathan Ingleby, 1548 words) – a PDF file. I have added here the abridged version of Chapman’s ‘Islamic Terrorism’:  How should Christians & the West respond?

Chapman PDF


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July 09 South Sydney Herald

I have a particular interest in this, but the really big news in this issue is the front page story on the approval of the Pemulwuy Project in Redfern.

So here’s your copy of the paper: SSH_JULY_09 pdf

There’s a lot to read in the South Sydney Herald, and it isn’t all parochial; for example Laura Bannister & Robert Morrison give a fuller account of a story published in the May SSH on “abducted” protesters on behalf of Ugandan child soldiers.

And there’s a story by me too, on the book trade.


You can read it in big writing over the break. Read the rest of this entry »


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June 09 South Sydney Herald

Yes, it’s now available.

We have a new issue of the SSH — with front-page stories on Redfern and Erskineville stations (staff cuts on the way?) + inner-city weekend markets (“more popular than ever”). There are also reports on a proposed “mega depot” in Rosebery, plans for an upgrade to Abercrombie Street, Christian anarchist Ciaron O’Reilly’s visit to the Wayside Chapel, Housing NSW tenants at Woolloomooloo, and Kings Cross residents “revved up over threat to civil liberties” (read on …).

Kelly Lane reports on a “Makeover for South Sydney Youth Services” as well as the challenge facing welfare services in a time of recession, Tara Clifford reports on Friends of Erskineville’s opposition to a supermarket in the Hive, and Neil Whitfield reflects on contributions by Redfern residents to a National Human Rights Consultation.

Features include an interview with Louise Hamilton, a Wiradjuri woman and teacher at Darlington Public and Alexandria Park Community Schools, Fraser Studios on Broadway, and Glebe House. Check out the painting entitled ‘Shrinking World’ by Chia Moan (page 11), our very first piece of dance journalism (by Kristy Johnson), reviews of Star Trek, Mr Darwin’s Shooter, The Call and Who’s That Chik?, interviews with Josh Pyke and local singer Charmaine.

Chelsea Reid reports on Five-A-Side Indoor Soccer. Adrian Spry is pleased to report that all five members of the Ravens flock (running group) completed the Sydney Half Marathon on May 17 …

South Sydney Herald June 09

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Sunday Floating Life photo 18

1705 014

Ibis orgy, Redfern Park

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Sunday Floating Life photo 17

0506 005

Fig tree in Redfern Park

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South Sydney and other matters

The May South Sydney Herald is out. Nothing by me in it, but I have just been playing boy reporter for the next one – among my activities that curtailed blogging a bit in the past two days.  (Other things included seeing Dr C, helping M, and tutoring plus some additions to my students’ pages.)

First the boy reporting gig. I attended a rather interesting Community Consultation meeting organised by the Redfern Legal Centre at Redfern Town Hall last night. The object of the meeting was to prepare community and individual submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation where public submissions are being accepted until 15 June.

The Consultation is a chance to hear people’s ideas about human rights and talk about ways to protect and promote human rights in the future.

Key Consultation Questions
  • Which human rights and responsibilities should be protected and promoted?
  • Are human rights sufficiently protected and promoted?
  • How could Australia better protect and promote human rights?

One thing that emerged for me is that it isn’t a simple matter. Several speakers drew attention to the big difference between legislating rights, or enshrining them in a “Bill of Rights”, and the actual situation in practice and in hearts and minds. We had a range of people including a former asylum seeker who had been in immigration detention for seventeen months but finally made it; interestingly he didn’t see his treatment (he was from Bangladesh) as having been racially motivated, though he did have quite a lot to offer about the system. There were speakers also from the Indigenous community, GLBT, disabilities and multicultural agencies. The chair – and he did an excellent job – was Professor Stuart Rees from the Sydney Peace Foundation.


From last night.

(Dorothy just interrupted this post dropping off my bundles of South Sydney Heralds so later I will “do my rounds”.)

Second, another South Sydney matter that doesn’t concern me immediately: The Ravens. Andrew from South Sydney Uniting Church along with several others is running in the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon on 17 May, raising money for Breast Cancer Network Australia. Support the Ravens here.


May 09 South Sydney Herald PDF

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Sunday Floating Life photo 14 – Easter Sunday

012apr 015

South Sydney Uniting Church

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