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15 Jan

15 January 2006

Fishy times and wishes of a misguided void: from dust to man, and to dust we return. The first deals with Johnnie’s Fish Cafe.

Johnnie’s Fish Cafe in Fitzroy Street Surry Hills: definitely the best!

Sirdan, Lord Malcolm, Simon H and I had a really great meal here today: Simon H had leather jacket, Sirdan and Lord Malcolm had barramundi, and I had hake. Three diferent salads.

Sadly not as it was. The second is on the death of a very young ex-student.

15 January 2007

Commencing teaching in 1906: family history page expanded.

Thinking about The Rabbit commencing his teaching career, I could not help but reflect on my first appointment (Cronulla High) in 1966. I may tell you a little about that later, but I was also motivated by The Rabbit’s post to take up the family history again, adding some of the promised prequel. I have transcribed my mother’s memoir of her father’s first appointment, to a one-teacher school on the Hawkesbury in 1906. In fact the memoir goes back to 1902 when at the age of sixteen my grandfather began his training as a pupil teacher at Croydon Park, a Sydney suburb…

15 January 2008

Summer stories…; M back from Antarctica; Congratulations to Jim Belshaw; Ex-student Trevor Khan.

The first is about Corey Worthington:

What I haven’t thus far been able to link or copy to is the treatment the story received on A Current Affair**, which really is the point of my mentioning it. The reporter there pushed the 16-year-old by constantly hectoring him about his sunglasses, urging him to apologise or grovel on TV, doing the usual impersonation of a crusading representative of public good, but getting for her pains the kind of defiance that, well, you’d expect. Our hero, in the meantime, managed to get himself shirtless on TV, an aspect of the whole affair that probably will boost his MySpace Facebook presence no end.***

15jan 15 January 2009

I’m about to have a coffee with another ex-student Delenio. See you all later.

… Which happened, as you may see on the left.

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