Australian poem 2008 series #18: YouTube – Poetry Clip: Robert Gray

18 Jul

Robert Gray is one of my favourite contemporary Australian poets.

enkujiko A BOWL OF PEARS

Swarthy as oilcloth and as squat
as Sancho Panza
wearing a beret’s little stalk
the pear

itself suggests the application of some rigour
the finest blade
from the knife drawer

to freshen it is one slice and then another
the north fall south fall
facets of glacier
the snow-clean juice with a slight crunch that is sweet

I find lintels and plinths of white marble
clean angled
where there slides
the perfume globule

a freshness
like the breeze that is felt upon
the opening
of day’s fan

sculptor of pine stumps
revealed the ten thousand Buddhas with his attacks
the calligraphic axe

Rationalised shape shaped with vertical strokes
I have made of your jowled
a squareness neatly pelvic

A Sunday of rain
and like a drain
a pipe that was agog and is chock-a-block the limber thunder
and bounds

it comes pouring down
a funnel the wrong way around
its buffoon militance over the houses all afternoon

the laces of rain
dangle on the windows
now slicing iron

a butcher is sharpening
the light
of his favourite knife
its shimmers carving stripes into the garden

And I have carved the pear-shaped head
with eyes
close set
as pips that Picasso saw his poor

friend who had gone
to war
a cubist
snowman the fragrant and fatal Apollinaire

© Robert Gray, Nameless Earth, Carcanet 2006.


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3 responses to “Australian poem 2008 series #18: YouTube – Poetry Clip: Robert Gray

  1. zoubairi hassan zebra morocco

    July 31, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    im a famous rasta please link to

    there you will find the biggest surprise through the whole history

    this is an important message to all australian poets


  2. Neil

    July 31, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    It’s in French. Just thought I’d tell you…

    But it is genuine.

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